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such as who is interested in our company or want to help us with your skill.

Recent News .

Tamaki article appeared in the latest issue of the magazine “WIRED” VOL.36 (released 3/13) in Japan

Tamaki introduces informatics in the special issue of “FUTURES LITERACY 2020 Essentials 30”, the latest issue of the magazine “WIRED” VOL.36 (released on March 13) in Japan. A web version of “Basic Liberal Arts in the 2020s 20” is also available. Please take a look at magazines and WEB. https://wired.jp/2020/03/19/subjects-for-our-futures/
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An article about Emi Tamaki in “WIRED Japan website” .

On March 16 on the WIRED Japan website, We have posted an interview article of our founder, Emi Tamaki. 5G will change society more than we think. DoCoMo, talked to by engineer Emi Tamaki What 5G enables It describes the changing work, tourism, and entertainment in 5G. Please take a look.
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New Technology poster presentation in SIGGRAPH ASIA 2019

A new poster presentation will show in November 17-20, 2019 in SIGGRAPH ASIA 2019, BCEC, Brisbane, Australia. This poster shows that PondusHand measures weight feeling from the deformation of the forearm muscles, measured by photo sensor array(MAE150g). Title: [PondusHand: Measure User’s Weight Feeling by Photo Sensor Array around Forearm] Contributors: Satoshi Hosono, Shoji Nishimura, Ken Iwasaki and Emi Tamaki SIGGRAPH ASIA 2019 URL http://sa2019.conference-program.com/presentation/?id=pos_110&sess=sess146
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